Agile Connect

Our roots

Agile Connect was born in Portugal, one of the world’s most ancient nations and the homeland of the Early Explorers.

Portugal has been experiencing extensive and dynamic changes since 2008: after a few struggling years we finally have a thriving startup ecosystem, our companies are now more exposed than ever to international competition, a growing number of domestic businesses have expanded their horizons to other geographies, and so on, so on.

But, as a country, we need much more than this, we need to be bold: in order to become one of the most competitive and dynamic learning-based economy in the World, we need to continuously invest on our impressive talented people.

Community of Interest

One way of fostering it is by engaging our engineers, designers, managers, executives, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc… in a Community of Interest, meaning, a community of people who are passionate about and share Lean & Agile as their common interests, with the following purposes:

  • Share knowledge, experiences and new ideas.
  • Foster networking and strengthen relationships.
  • Support practitioners throughout their Agile journey.

To framework this, the following simple governance rules apply:

  • Everyone who is interested on learning about Lean & Agile can attend a Community meetup.
  • Anyone who is passionate about Lean & Agile can propose a presentation for a meetup.
  • In fact, you are encouraged to do so: we want to see new speakers delivering sessions at this scale.
  • When presenting, you should be capable of providing true value and share your experience with others.
  • Local speakers at community meetups will have better chances to qualify for an Agile Connect Conference.
  • Finally, you will commit to treat others with respect and nurture the relationships we are shaping.

Scrum Teams

We are currently running monthly community metups in 3 Portuguese cities:

These free meetings are run by local autonomous Agile Connect Scrum Teams that work independently from each other, meaning, it’s up to a local Scrum Team to decide the meetup format, date, hour, location, the speaker to invite, etc… on its own city. Notwithstanding, all Teams follow a minimal set of shared rules.

Sometimes we also run joint events with other communities, because in the end, we are just a big Community. Check the rationale by reading the Ecosystem page.