Aveiro Community Meetup May 2017

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Here is the 2nd Aveiro Community Meetup!

Ricardo Lopes

QA Hardening: Learning from mistakes and making our testing infrastructure more robust.

“At Feedzai, the QA team is responsible for testing complex functionalities and features. We want to ensure that every piece of code is perfect and fulfills our client needs. So, we put a lot of effort in identifying, executing and automating the right test cases in order to have a full regression suite that is able to identify bugs being introduced in each commit.

While our QA team was still evolving, we had to deal with multiple challenges: many features to test, new tests to implement, CI environment users continuously growing, new people joining to the team… This takes us to a path where we start having too many things ‘killing us’ and that, in some way or another, was preventing us from delivering the things the way we want! We decided to stop, identify and tackle those things right away.

In this talk, we will tell you a bit more about this period: our main problems, some solutions for them and most of all what we learnt from it… in order to avoid it from happening again!”

Ricardo Lopes works as a Software Engineer in Test at Feedzai Product Team. Right from the beginning of his career he started to work in multiple projects with high complexity, demanding requirements and under different contexts. Test automation is his biggest passion but always tries to cross join the technical knowledge in multiple testing tools with his natural “bug-hunter” skills, in order to find those called… bugs!


  • Welcome
  • Talk “QA Hardening: Learning from mistakes and making our testing infrastructure more robust“, by Ricardo Lopes
  • Q&A
  • Coffee Break
  • Open Space Discussions
  • Final notes

The meetup will be on Wednesday, 17 Maio 2017, between 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at Universidade de Aveiro – Anfiteatro 23.1.7 – Complexo Pedagógico, Científico e Tecnológico.

This event is FREE to attend for people that RSVP a ticket at Meetup.com.

UA - Complexo Pedagógico, Científico e Tecnológico

See you there & bring a friend!