Be a Speaker!

Agile Connect

Community of Interest

Agile Connect is a Community of Interest, meaning, a community of people who are passionate about and share Lean & Agile as their common interests, with the following purposes:

  • Share knowledge, experiences and new ideas.
  • Foster networking and strengthen relationships.
  • Support practitioners throughout their Agile journey.

Anyone who is passionate about Lean & Agile can propose a presentation for a meetup. In fact, you are encouraged to do so: we want to see new speakers delivering unique sessions at this scale.

We invite you to share your experience with others!

As Community Speaker you will:

  • Enrich your own professional curriculum.
  • Contribute for your own and other people’s growth and development.
  • Have better chances to qualify for an Agile Connect Conference.
  • Receive all the support you need to give a remarkable presentation.
  • Gain knowledge and experience on how to run a community meetup.

To submit your proposal, please use the following form: