Lisbon Community Meetup #2


Welcome to the Agile Connect Community!

Here is the 2nd Lisbon Community Meetup!

 Nuno Caneco

Nuno Caneco is a Software Engineer who have been working in the Software Industry for 10+ years now.

He currently works for Talkdesk as a Senior Software Engineer. Before that Nuno has worked for about 3 years at Siemens where he performed as Team Lead and Software Architect for Public Transport e-Ticketing Systems. Nuno have also performed extensive coaching on Agile practices to the software development team, and worked on projects for several industries such as IPTV, banking, web portals and tourism.

When it comes to code, Nuno enjoys working on backend components, relating to the business logic, data access and integration. He always write automated tests and the code must be Clean and performant.

Nuno has been a Scrum Master for 7 years and extensively employing Scrum and Kanban on the projects he has been involved with.


  • Intro
  • “Running Scrum on a non-Agile environment – Tales from a past experience”, by Nuno Caneco.

    Running Scrum can be hard, sometimes. And it becomes harder when the organization that is sponsoring or executing the project is not oriented towards Agile principles and practices. This talk is about sharing some techniques (and lessons learned) that allowed the Team to leverage an Agile project execution model with a Waterfall commercial and project management models.

  • Q&A
  • Open Space Discussions
  • Finish

The meetup will be held on Thrusday, 12th January 2016 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, at Talkdesk.

This event is FREE to attend, but you have to RSVP for a ticket at

See you there & bring a friend!