Porto Community Meetup #11


Welcome to the Agile Connect Community!

Here is the 11th Porto Community Meetup!

Serious Playing – having fun as a tool to manage teams 

“What is fun? Actually, when we play, we are often trying to reenact complex human interactions in simplified form.” @Michio Kaku

Every day we feel more lose with so many books, talks and a bunch more of ways to get information that can help on the Team empowerment! Not changing the fact that indeed they help us, how can we make them more effective? How can we get the message to our teams or make the company follow our vision, embrace the beauty of new ideas and beat the beast of change. We know that nowadays teams are every day forced to deliver more and better in less time.

How can we make our teams deliver more and be happier every day? Is it possible or is just a delusional dream? Am I able to do it? Why having fun will make me learn?

Let’s have fun, share our experience and learn in the meanwhile.


Ângela Barroso is currently a team empower in a creative company , with the will to lead creative teams to keep on giving good and bold products.

Ever since her young days, creativity was a way of life. Starting as a product designer, she have been experiencing the needs and learning ways to do the best every day. On the last 5 years she has been developing and learning about team management trough designer skills, like empathy, human-centered design, collaborative work, experimentation and divergent thinking. She is a dreamer on the will of change, always with dust on the hands but with strings attached to reality.

She is CSM from the Scrum Alliance and an Agile & Scrum enthusiast. Living and sharing experience is the major act on her role!


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  • Workshop: Serious Playing – having fun as a tool to manage teams, by Ângela Barroso
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The meetup will be on Monday, 20th February 2017 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm, at UPTEC Technology Center - Porto - Portugal 

This workshop will be held in Portuguese and have a limit access of 40 attendees! Be quick to reserve your place:

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