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Here is the full list of all Conference Sessions, splitted by format type:


Case Studies (45 minutes):

  1. Self-organizing Teams, by Rui Melo.
  2. Scaling Agility with LeSS, by Ran Nyman.
  3. Lessons learned the hard way, by Ricardo Fiel.
  4. Effective Retrospectives, by Samuel Cavalcante.
  5. Why Agile in my classroom?, by Carolina Sollero.
  6. Climbing the Testing Pyramid, by Cristiano Cunha.
  7. Global Agile Scaling by Pairing, by Dulce Gonçalves.
  8. Let’s Ruck: High Tempo Scrum, by Keith Nottonson.
  9. The Microsoft Agile Transformation Story, by Donovan Brown.
  10. Managing complexity with Agile principles, by Joaquim Baptista.
  11. Descaling Globally – Implementing LeSS at HSBC, by Gez Smith.
  12. Rocking Agile – How to do Agile in a Rock Band, by Nuno Pereira.
  13. Gamification: a Motivation Tool for Agile Projects, by Analia Irigoyen.
  14. Scrum Flexibility: How to apply it onto different scenarios, by Felipe Oliveira.
  15. From projects to product: Tales from an Agile Transformation, by Carlos Palminha.
  16. Adapting and adopting Agile to learn Agile Software Development, by Avelino Ferreira.
  17. Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Cracking the Code of a Success Agile Transformation, by Julliane Jones.
  18. On-demand user story verification as a service, using BDD at scale, by Shantanu Gudihal and Arijit Mitra.
  19. eduScrum application in an interdisciplinary project of Natural Sciences and Geography, by Filipe Ferreira and Luís Moreira.

Workshops (full day):

  1. eduScrum Activating Workshop, by Willy Wijnands, Arno Delhij and a surprise :-)
  2. DevOps: delivering changes for applications and databases, by Eduardo Piairo and Miguel Alho.
  3. Product Owner – Agile practices that will give you a competitive advantage, by Dananthi Arnott.
  4. The Surprising Power Of Liberating Structures (Unleashing a Culture of Innovation – Transforming the world of work!), by Hugo Lopes.

Workshops (half day):

  1. Innovation with Jobs To Be Done, by Ricardo Tomé.
  2. Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), by Syedur Rahman.
  3. Agile Engagement: creating the right mindset, by Edwin Hanegraaf.
  4. Sociocracy 3.0 (S3) – S3 Driver Mapping for Projects and Startups, by James Priest.
  5. Scrum, Continuous improvement, Prototyping… Learn while having fun!, by Artur Margorani.
  6. Coaching tools supporting creative problem solving, by Justyna Wykowska and Tomasz Wykowski.

Masterclasses (90 minutes):

  1. Coching Dojo, by Georg Fashing.
  2. Zero to DevOps, by Donovan Brown.
  3. Learning 3.0 – Relearning to Learn, by Anderson Hummel.
  4. Gamifying DevOps with Chocolate and Lego, by Dana Pylayeva.
  5. Emergent Practices, the true pattern for succeeding with Agile, by Alexandre Magno.
  6. Starting Off Right – Vision, Personas, and Roadmaps for your Product!, by Richard Cheng.
  7. I am the Change – an integrative approach that adapts to your context, by John Coleman and Nader Talai.

Talks (45 minutes):

  1. Actionable Agile Tools, by Jeff Campbell.
  2. The road to Inner Sourcing, by Owais Zahid.
  3. Managing for Happiness, by Jurgen Appelo.
  4. Be Aware of Agile Cocktail, by Saket Bansal.
  5. Organisational Wide Agility, by Glenn Smith.
  6. New Wine in New Bottles?, by Ademar Aguiar.
  7. The new age IT Professional, by Sérgio Oliveira.
  8. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, by Raúl Herranz.
  9. Agile Reorgs: A Survival Guide, by Katy Saulpaugh.
  10. Containerizing Tests with Docker, by Stefan Teixeira.
  11. Recruiters need our support to be Agile, by Jem D’jelal.
  12. Product Growth Strategy from Day 1, by Andrea Darabos.
  13. Product Owner & Managers in Real Agile Life, by Alex Ursa.
  14. EVDnC – Extreme Value-Driven Coaching, by Rodrigo de Toledo.
  15. Organize your SMs and POs development!, by Łukasz Aziukiewicz.
  16. Powerful Questions for the Scrum Professional, by Carlton Nettleton.
  17. Mob Programming: How to never stop producing value, by André de Sousa.
  18. Am I a leader now? On different shades of leadership, by Tomasz Wykowski.
  19. What José Mourinho can teach us about Team Building,by Alan O’Callaghan.
  20. Found In Translation – Building Alliances Through Analogies, by Jessica Long.
  21. Visual facilitation using sketchnotes: Ignite the whole mind, by Luiz Rodrigues.
  22. Agile Lean Leadership – the key to sustained organizational agility, by Kurt Nielsen.
  23. Transforming Education with eduScrum, by Willy Wijnands, Arno Delhij and a surprise :-)
  24. Delivering quality code in fast-paced environments: myth or reality?, by Isabella Silveira.
  25. Agile Portfolio Management: getting the ball rounder, by Carlos Felippe and Marcos Garrido.
  26. Five Critical Success Factors When Rolling Out Scrum to the Organization, by Athina Simon.
  27. The five mistakes I made when applying Agile and how you can learn from them, by Tiago Palhoto.
  28. How to navigate the people side of change implementing and scaling Agile, by Monika Wojtasinska-Felicio.
  29. Coaching Scrum teams on Vertical Story Slicing Micro-Services, by Rickard Jones and Christoforos Nikitas.
  30. How to deal with the short-blanket syndrome while prioritizing the roadmap, by Mauricio Navarrete.
  31. The Threat of Transparency and Inspection: The Team’s Resistance to the Agile Adoption, by Andrea Rizzo.
  32. Lean Products – how to deliver highly valuable products in a ridiculously short time frame, by Rafael Sabbagh.