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Scrum Alliance

Who We Are

Agile Connect is an organization, with Portuguese roots, that encourages and supports the widespread adoption of effective Lean & Agile thinking and practices.

The Conference in a Nutshell

  • Why? To foster a competitive and dynamic Learning Economy by investing on People Talent.
  • What? “Transforming the World of Work” is the Conference theme this year. More details here.
  • When? Next December 1-3, 2016.
  • Where? ISEP Congress Centre in Porto City, Portugal.
  • Who? 400+attendees from 10+ different countries.

The Conference in Numbers

Our current forecast is:

We will update these numbers after closing the Call for Papers. Already updated! The Conference content grew almost 150% both in quantity and quality!

Attendee Demographics

From the Scrum Alliance’s previous Global Scrum Gatherings in Europe stats, combined with our own data from the successful Community Meetups we are running, the current forecast is:

  • 20-25% – Coaches & Consultants
  • 20-25% – Product & Project Managers
  • 20-25% – Developers, Testers, Designers.
  • 10-15% – Middle-Level Managers.
  • 10-15% – Senior Executives (Directors and above).
  • 10-25% – Others (Data Scientists, Sysadmins, etc…).

Why Partner with the Scrum Gathering® Portugal 2016?

Your top 5 Reasons to Partner:

  • Put your business in the spotlight: Having a presence on a Scrum Alliance’s Scrum Gathering® will position your business as an authority in your industry. Gain respect and credibility by standing out and get in front of passionate Scrum, Lean and Agile practitioners and executives from around the world.
  • Get in front of your target market: Being part of a Scrum Alliance’s Scrum Gathering® is a stunning opportunity for you to find or hire new talent for your organization, get new contacts for future partnerships, acquire new customers or generate new business leads. Your choice!
  • Increase your brand awareness: Get exposure and brand recognition by being featured on the Regional Scrum Gathering® Portugal social media channels, website and conference materials. And extend these benefits for months by becoming a Corporate or a Premier Partner.
  • Market your business inexpensively: Partnering with the Regional Scrum Gathering® Portugal 2016 is a much wiser investment than just spending your money on plain advertising: get a greater return on your investment, plus the benefit of getting to know personally your target audience!
  • Connect, share and learn with the Lean & Agile community: You will have plenty of opportunities to connect and learn with the best Lean & Agile practitioners in the field, forge new relationships with developers, product owners, coaches and executives, and share your knowledge with others!

Our Partnership Offers: