Why Agile in my classroom?

Agile Connect Scrum Alliance


Session Type:

  • Case Study (45 minutes).

Session Track:

  • Scrum in Education.

Session Language:

  • Portuguese.

Session Level:

  • Beginner (Shu) Practitioners.

Session Summary:

The purpose of this presentation is to share with you my own Agile journey towards my transformation as an Education professional.

Session Abstract:

Both Agile Education and eduScrum imply several successful theories in Education: collaborative work, the student at the center of his/her own learning, positive reinforcement and the importance of visual thinking and learning.

This session will be a mix of photos, citations from some Education theories and my own first-hand testimonial: you will find that Agile practices transform the classroom into a very interesting and productive environment

At the end of the session I will be available for questions regarding the methods used and other Agile practices that facilitate the learning process.

Learning Objectives:

This case study aims to show you the changes due to, and towards, an Agile Education:

  • Examples of both students and teacher’s changes due to educational principles described above.
  • The practices used and the transformations occurred within the classroom that promoted positive changes in my career as a professional.
  • The union of principles that are not mutually exclusive, but add up, resulting in collaborative, supportive and interested children, professionals, stakeholders and citizens, growing in interdependence after each project developed.