Learning 3.0 – Relearning to Learn

Agile Connect Scrum Alliance


Session Type:

  • Masterclass (90 minutes).

Session Track:

  • Scrum in Education.

Session Language:

  • Portuguese.

Session Level:

  • Conscious (Ha) Practitioners.

Session Summary:

Learning 3.0 is more than a number. It is a revolutionary way to learn.

Session Abstract:

This session will explain “What is” and “How” Learning 3.0 works. Learning 3.0 was designed to be a powerful tool to face the complex challenges inside software development activity. In this session, we’ll understand how to put it in practice.

As Learning 3.0 is based in collaborative and emergent learning, we can apply Learning 3.0 from a team Retrospective to an organizational Agile transformation.

We can use Learning 3.0 to solve issues like “How to solve the corporate obstacles to adopt Scrum?”, or “How to grow or scale our Scrum adoption?”.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differences between pull and push learning.
  • What is emergent learning.
  • What is Learning 3.0.
  • How to create a collaborative environment for Learning 3.0.
  • How to use the Learning Canvas.
  • How to apply the Learning Canvas to help an Agile Team or an organization.