Agile Reorgs: A Survival Guide

Agile Connect Scrum Alliance


Session Type:

  • Talk (45 minutes).

Session Track:

  • Agile Transformation.

Session Language:

  • English.

Session Level:

  • Experienced (Ri) Practitioners.

Session Summary:

Reorgs: no-one loves them, but they are necessary to create the cross-functional, self-organizing teams that succeed the most with the agile mindset.

Session Abstract:

Reorganizations are notorious for being “a wonderful method for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization” (credit to Charlton Ogburn).

Because reorgs are so painful, many teams and organizations are reluctant to look at team structure at all, and the agile journey is over before it even begins.

The result: Organizations and teams are siloed, hierarchical, and process-heavy. If an organization is structured right, it can create fertile ground for a truly agile enterprise.

 This talk will outline how to approach reorgs for agile teams and minimize the pain using change management techniques.

Learning Objectives:

As key takeaways, attendees will learn which patterns to look for when evaluating their organization structure’s readiness for Agile.

They will also have an understanding of multiple approaches to organization design for agile teams, as well as what to avoid as they go through the design process.