New Wine in New Bottles?

Agile Connect Scrum Alliance


Session Type:

  • Talk (45 minutes).

Session Track:

  • Scrum in Education.

Session Language:

  • English.

Session Level:

  • Conscious (Ha) Practitioners.

Session Summary:

How can educators overcome the individualistic assessment practices of Higher Education institutions and the traditional Computer Science mindset to enable students to learn about Scrum?

Session Abstract:

Higher Education is a more conservative world than most people think. It is especially resistant to new ideas of learning and development.

Many traits characteristic of “master planning” and waterfall development are entrenched in graduating students before they get to industry. This “old muscle memory” then has to be unlearned and replaced with a new mindset as well as new behaviors if they are to become successful Agilists.

In this session, separate, successful experiences in the UK and Portugal, of ways of bringing Scrum into the classroom are drawn together to demonstrate approaches for the successful transformation of computer science education.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will be introduced to approaches to the facilitation of Agile and Scrum that have been applied successfully over the last ten years. In particular they will learn how to address the following impediments:

  • The conservatism of Computer Science.
  • HE’s over-reliance on short, individual assignments.
  • The focus on the learner as an individual rather than a team player.

Also, they will learn:

  • How to create cross-functional teams
  • How to simulate industry in a laboratory
  • How to engage students through collaboration games

In short, the session will reveal how undergraduates can be prepared for Scrum at work.