Organize your SMs and POs development!

Agile Connect Scrum Alliance


Session Type:

  • Talk (45 minutes).

Session Track:

  • Coaching & Facilitation.

Session Language:

  • English.

Session Level:

  • Conscious (Ha) Practitioners.

Session Summary:

Overview of how we plan out personal development activities, what tools we use and how we evaluate the program’s effectiveness.

Session Abstract:

The start of a person’s journey to becoming a Scrum Master or Product Owner is usually pretty clear – read the Scrum Guide and some entry level books, attend a chosen beginner course and pass an exam (PSM/CSM/PSPO/CSPO).

But later on things become more complicated – there are no widely recognized development paths for agilists so it is difficult to increase ones knowledge in an organized manner.

In my talk I will share an approach to planning regular mentoring activities for inexperienced Scrum Masters and Product Owners that allowed us to foster learning efforts.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to structure your agile mentoring program.
  • How to ensure sessions are engaging for the mentor and mentee.
  • How to evaluate agile mentoring program’s effectiveness.