Agile Connect


Agile Connect® is building a Consortium with other organizations that envision a world driven by learning organizations, “powered” by remarkable teams built around intrinsically motivated individuals.

Besides aligning and supporting the Agile Connect®’s Vision & Mission, these organizations are also making a shift:

  • From maximizing shareholder value To delighting customers through continuous innovation.
  • From controlling individuals To enabling cross-functional & self-organizing teams.
  • From hierarchical bureaucracy To collaborative leadership and management practices.
  • From only valuing efficiency & cost To a set of values that sustain innovation and growth.
  • From top-down commands To peer-to-peer conversations and collaboration.


All Consortium organizations are making significant key contributions for Agile Connect® to pursue its mission: “Inspire people & organizations to achieve their full potential”.

Contributions can be either money or supplies, helping us cover the following costs:

  • Venues (conference, meetups).
  • Travels (trains, metros, airplanes, taxis).
  • Catering (conference, meetups).
  • Marketing (online, offline).
  • Audio-visual (photography, videography).
  • Accommodation (hotels).

The minimum Consortium Membership fee for 2017 is 2.500 EUR + VAT.


All Agile Connect® Consortium Members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Recognition as an Agile organization on Agile Connect® website and meetups.
  • Ability to participate in the Meetups’ raffles (requires a minimum prize of 150 €).
  • Exclusive Agile Connect® Conference 2017 discounts.


Current 2017 Consortium Members are, in alphabetical order: