Who are we?

Celfinet is a privately-owned, Portuguese company, providing technical consultancy and telecom solutions since 2003. We have a long and successful track record with major mobile network operators and equipment vendors.

We offer in depth knowledge of all wireless and core technologies (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA2000, HSPA, WiMAX, WiFi, SDH, WDM, IP, MPLS, DSL, GPON,…) to our customers, delivering all necessary customer support in Network Planning & Design, Integration & Optimization and Operations.

In other words. we are 250 Engineers worldwide (Portugal, UK, Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Morocco, Brazil, Hong-Kong and Macau to name a few) creating Credibility, Capability and Confidence for Tier 1 operators.

A tight internal networking platform allows our staff to keep in permanent contact providing 24-hour operations and a unique response capacity. Together with our clients, we work to achieve Trust, project Excellence and measurable Results.

What do we do?

In short Celfinet‘s specialization areas are:

  • Seamless RAN Management Platform Delivery.
  • End to End Engineering Services Provisioning.
  • Critical Business Analytics Extraction.

Our flagship product is Vismon, a comprehensive solution that combines Multi Vendor & Technology Network Configuration, Network Analytics Management and Customer Experience & Network Troubleshooting.

Celfinet is also a #SGPT2016 Associate Partner!

Celfinet Vismon