Finantech was founded back in September 1994 when former employees of the Oporto Stock Exchange detected gaps on the Information Systems used by the financial intermediaries operating in the Portuguese Capital Market.

Finantech’s main activity is the development and support of software applications for professional trading and brokerage, funds and portfolio management, securities information, and online trading.

The solutions supplied by Finantech are continuously improved with a clear focus on innovation. Finantech achieves this through the deployment of new products and new versions, in response to the constant evolution of financial markets. The company also provides built-to-order development in order to fulfill all the requirements of existing and prospective clients.

The lean structure and the know-how acquired in the financial area allows the company to quickly develop specific, high-quality projects, including the analysis and development of all-new applications.

Finantech offers an encompassing support service for critical products related to trading in the markets. This way Finantech can ensure that all efforts are permanently focused towards correcting faults in a timely manner and with the least possible inconvenience to the operations of the clients.

The quality of the work throughout the years, as recognized by the clients, and the standards of excellence achieved by Finantech, demonstrate that the focus in this area has been a bet well placed.

In Portugal, Finantech is leader in the development of Information Systems for Capital Markets.

Finantech is also a #SGPT2016 Associate Partner!

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