Who are we?

MedicineOne is a Portuguese and world-oriented technology-based company, exclusively dedicated to the development of software solutions for the healthcare industry. Our solution is simultaneously one of the world’s oldest, most innovative and most complete solutions.

Why do we exist?

Because healthcare professionals know that MedicineOne allows them to reach their full potential, make fewer mistakes and have more time to take care of what really matters: the patients.

Where are we?

We started in Portugal but we are currently present in 4 continents. We bring with us the Portuguese innovation, engineering, excellence and passion. We compete with the best and, so far, everything has worked out well!

What do we do?

We develop one of the best software solutions to manage small and large healthcare units, private and public healthcare systems, whether with an onsite or a cloud computing installation.

Our scope of action is global: we provide an integrated approach to manage clinical, administrative, logistics, management, financial and statistical areas. MedicineOne enables, like no other solution, the management of primary care units, hospital units and long-term care units, as well as units or healthcare systems where all these are included.

MedicineOne is also a #SGPT2016 Associate Partner.