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Agile Connect Conference 2016

Scrum Gathering® Portugal 2016

Attendee, Coach, Speaker
Talk (45 minutes)
New Wine in New Bottles?

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In a nutshell, Ademar Aguiar is a co-founder of Agile Portugal, a member ofScrumPLoP – Scrum Pattern Community, a Professor at FEUP – Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, a researcher of INESC TEC and also the co-founder of 2 startups.
Along more than 25 years doing software development, Ademar founds to be passionate about designing and architecting highly complex software systems, agile methods (XP, Scrum, Lean), wikis and open collaboration tools, social learning environments, and about crafting minimal tech for high social impact.
Current research interests include knowledge management practices and tools for highly effective software development teams and organizations.
Beyond the field of software engineering, Ademar is also exploring and applying innovative software solutions to other audiences and fields, such as humanitarian causes, personal knowledge management, and education.

FEUP - Porto University
October 1 1996

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