Porto Community Meetup July 2017

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Welcome to the Agile Connect Community!

Here is the 16th Porto Community Meetup!

HyP: The Power of Patterns

Growing productivity, quality and mainly the team happiness by helping them with the power of scrum patterns. Based on real experiment, we will use role playing to demonstrate how you can help explaining to teams the 9 scrum patterns for hyper productivity.

Inês SantosInês Santos is currently an Agile Coach at Farfetch. Inês graduated in Electronic and Computer Science Engineering in 2000 at Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto. She started working with agile teams in 2004 at Siemens PT. She worked at Primavera BSS as Scrum Master transforming the Product Development area into an agile organization. In the past 5 years she has only worked with agile methodologies using different approaches and learning not only from what she reads, but also from what teams have taught her. She is CSM certified and an Agile & Scrum enthusiast who loves to discuss agile software development and improvements to the team daily work. She has a passion on retrospectives.


Sara Santos is currently an Agile Coach at Farfetch. Sara always believed that everything happens for a reason and her career path is the proof of it. She started as a Social Worker and developed her skills (amoung other things) on how to understand the human mind and their interactions. During those years she realized that she wasn’t happy with her carreer and an old passion was calling her…technology. She decided to leave that past behind and took a degree as a Informatics Engineer at ISEP. From that time on, she’s amazed with all the never ending knowledge and experiences that she have the opportunity to live. On the last few years she developed an interest on Agile Mindset and its practices. After taking hers CMS certification she bet on a carreer as an Agile Coach where she believe her past has an important role on hers daily work, because after all we need to undestand how people and teams interact to get them more productive, motivated and happy.


  • Welcome
  • HyP: The Power of Patterns, by Inês Santos and Sara Santos
  • Networking\Coffee Break
  • Q&A
  • Closing session
  • At the end of the event we traditionally go to some restaurant nearby for dinner and keep talking about Agile. Feel free to join us ;-)

The meetup will be held in Portuguese, on Wednesday, 26th July 2017 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm, at UPTEC Technology Center - Porto - Portugal.

This event is FREE to attend. Be quick, and RSVP your place at Meetup.com

See you there & bring a friend!