Porto Community Meetup October 2017

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Here comes our 19th Porto Community Meetup! Take a look, and hurry up to RSVP -> meetupDOTcom.

Soft Skills vs Tech Skills: The Two Sides of the Force

Abstract: After more than 20 years dealing with technology and with the people involved with it, I finally understand that the person is the only thing that matters, with or without technology.

So let’s have an interactive talk concerning technology, psychology and/or philosophy… Principles and good practices in software development, its lifecycle management and the people involved… The future of technology and its impact on us.

It would not be very “Agile” of me if I took the full talk pre-formatted and pre-prepared. It is more likely to be a conversation between people about Person and Technologies. Let’s inspect and adapt!

On the second part of the meeting we shall play a special game called “TeamNess” and I hope it will help us towards building soft skills and team spirit.


A few words about Daniel Carrilho: He is passionate about technology and anthropology. He likes to see himself as a “Technical Agile Coach” working within the gap between tech skills and soft skills. Besides some independent projects, at the moment he is involved with an amazing and young portuguese software house called Cambragest.


• Welcome

• Talk – Soft Skills vs Tech Skills: The Two Sides of the Force – Exploring the gap between people and technologies, by Daniel Carrilho

• Networking break – Coffee break

• Game Playing – TeamNess: a Mob Programming (look alike) to create collective awareness

• Closing

Obs.: At the end of the event, we traditionally go to some restaurant nearby for dinner and keep talking about Agile. Feel free to join us ;-)

The meetup will be held on Wednesday, October 25th, from 6:45 – 9:00 p.m., at UPTEC.

This event is FREE to attend, but you have to register yourself first at meetup.com:

See you there & bring a friend!