Porto Community Meetup September 2017

Agile Connect

Welcome to our 18th Porto Community Meetup!

BRAINSTORMING SESSION – Creative Solutions to Real Problems.

Hello community members we have a question for you: Are you facing any difficult problem in your daily basis? An issue so difficult that you can’t hardly imagine how to solve?


So what about letting the ‘Group Wisdom’ help you to solve it?

That is exactly what our next meetup is about:


A Brainstorming Session – Building Creative Solutions to Real Problems

Write down in the form (at the moment you RSVP – here), THE VERY ONE PROBLEM that you are struggling with, and don’t miss the Meetup. Maybe at the end you shall have a grateful surprise of a creative and quite original solution emerged from the group!

This is how it is going to be:

We will gather the problems that you propose in the form (at the moment you RSVP – here), bring them to the session, and then you will vote in 2 problems you would like to see a creative solution addressed to.

Remember: As soon as you submit your problem, it is not yours anymore. Now it is going to be the community’s problem and everybody is going to work hard on it.

So, give your problem proposal a powerful short description (max 10 words) because this is how it will be written in the post-it.

Here are some tips in order to help you define your Ultimate Problem Proposal:

– Why do you think this is an important problem to solve?
– What is the most important issue you are trying to address?
– Who is affected by this problem?
– Which factors (social, technical, etc) do you think are contributing to this problem?
– What evidence do you have that this problem is worth solving?
– Do you know any examples from other contexts that we can learn from?
– Can you think about the problem from a different angle?

The Session will be conducted by the Agile Connect Co-organizers & Facilitators Angela Barroso and Suleander Zahn!

The meetup will be held on Wednesday, September 27th, from 6:45 – 9:00 p.m., at at UPTEC Technology Center – Porto – Portugal


– Welcome
– Set up
– Creative Problem Solving, 1st round
– Coffee break
– Creative Problem Solving, 2nd round
– Closing

• At the end of the event we traditionally go to some restaurant nearby for dinner and keep talking about Agile. Feel free to join us ;-)

The meetup will be held in Portuguese!