Besides organizing Community Meetups in several cities and an annual Conference, Agile Connect® also organizes public and in-company Workshops to support its purpose, vision and mission.

All Workshops are facilitated by experienced professionals (Agile Connect® Speakers, Facilitators, Coaches and Trainers), cover a diversity of goals and topics, vary from half-day to 3 days, and share a common mission: maximum results, that is, maximum learning:


Who can propose and facilitate an Agile Connect® Workshop?

  • Agile Connect Speakers (on meetups and conference).
  • Agile Connect Facilitators (of meetups).
  • Agile Connect Coaches (supporting Agile Connect® and its Teams).
  • In short, everyone that adds additional value to Agile Connect® in a regular or intermittent way.
  • In other words, Agile Connect® besides being a platform to connect People, is also a platform to share and learn knowledge and experiences, hence our motto: “Connect, share and learn”.

Are Agile Connect® Workshops paid or free?

  • Paid.
  • Occasionally a short version of them can be free, if given on a Community Meetup (roughly 2 hours).

Where Agile Connect® Workshops take place?

  • It depends: at universities/incubators/accelerators venues for general public, at conferences (either our own or 3rd party) and “in-company”.